Journal of the Motorcycle Action Group

Motorcycle Action Group, MAG
Issue 5 Jul-Aug 2006
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The Brit Pack

Classics in Weymouth

It was a bit of a motorcycling weekend in the South coast town of Weymouth back in May. Harleys one day and classic bikes the next courtesy of the Westland Motorcycle Club.

Having been a rider of Brit iron myself for years before going transatlantic it brings back rose tinted memories to see venerable beast such as these grunting rortily across the green and pleasant countryside of their birth.

While I love the sound of V twins I retain a nostalgic affection for the lusty snarl of a Triumph twin which enjoys a unique niche in the history of sound.

For the real aficionados of the cafe racer culture it was of course the marriage of a Bonneville engine with a Norton Featherbed frame that provided the ultimate blend of performance with handling in the fabled Triton.

A couple of hundred of pristine machines rolled onto the grass to line up along with a few specimens of the counter culture which has enjoyed a revival in recent years.

As someone who can just remember the days of the Mods and Rockers conflicts It still seems novel to see scooters and their parkha-clad riders rubbing shoulders and 'comparing notes with the old 'enemy.' What would Gene Vincent think?