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Issue 5 Jul-Aug 2006
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Mutch checks out the Boss Hoss

Imagine what it's like sitting at the lights, opening the throttle and being shoved in the back by 505bhp and 420ft lbs of torque - and that's without touching the nitrous.

It's often said that everything is bigger in the USA, and one could add, just a wee bit OTT. In the OTT stakes things don't much crazier than the BOSS HOSS. Let's face it, it ain't going to take a Greenpeace award for the Eco transport of the year but then that wasn't exactly the game plan in its construction.

Gordon Beck, a Mercedes Benz service technician is the owner of this behemoth which set him back a cool $95,000US which works out around £53,000 as I'm writing. The paintwork alone, by Chris Cruz from Deland Florida set Gordon back $20,000US but for that kind of bread you get a little more than a coat of brush-on Hammerite to keep the rust at bay. Whether all the flying engine parts are meant as some kind of warning about what might happen if the Nitrous is employed a little too generously I can't tell you but no doubt an engine of this impressive specification stands a greater chance than most of being able to cope as $25,000US went into its upgrading. It's described as a custom Roadeck Tall Deck Stroker if I've got that right and it only has one gear plus overdrive but when you can do 115mph in first who needs a five speed box?

So does the performance match the glitz?

Well zero to 100mph in an arm-wrenching 4.6 seconds is not exactly hanging around and means that no production bike on earth is going to be showing this bike its rear number plate. Top speed is unknown but it's a safe bet to say that it would be enough to interest the Highway patrol though whether they'd be able to catch it in a straight line is another question.

That torque figure by the way, is for off the line. Maximum torque comes in at 4000rpm when the engine is generating a 575ft lbs of the grunt factor which is probably enough to tow the QE2 fast enough to give the passengers whiplash. A 240 tyre is used to provide some slim chance of gripping the road surface with that much muscle flexing the back wheel.

That Nitrous bottle isn't just for show incidentally, it all works and adds a cool 150bhp increment to the normal 505bhp which obviously would otherwise leave the bike a little limp wristed.

Gordon claims the bike handles pretty well which is more believable than might be imagined when you consider that it weighs in at under 1000pounds. That might sound a little lardy by sports bike standards but it's only about a hundred pounds more than a Gold Wing and about the same as a fair sized grizzly bear which would probably take a lot more handling.

I spotted the beast at Sturgis last year where it stood out even in that festival of mind boggling excess, which believe me, ain't easy.