Journal of the Motorcycle Action Group

Motorcycle Action Group, MAG
Issue 4 May-Jun 2006
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From the Chair

MAG's National Chairman

These may be my last words as Chair, they may not, and this is not the place for politics of that sort. But it is the place for Politics. My aim has always been to try and give you all something to think about, and hopefully to act on. I have warned of impending doom, and been the bearer of glad tidings at times, but at no time have I been so incensed as I am now. I refer of course to "the Legislative and regulatory reform bill", the bill that could turn our country into a dictatorship. What has this got to do with motorcycling? Nothing directly, but everything indirectly. It will surreptitiously destroy our parliamentary democracy and render Magna Carta null and void. By altering existing legislation, a Minister could, on a whim, make it illegal to ride a motorcycle, smoke in your own home or make the wearing of helmets compulsory in bed. They say that it will not be used for anything controversial, but who decides what is controversial or not? They do. Under the new law, they could even alter this law, abolish any safeguards and amendments, bring about the abolition of parliament and make Herr Blair Lord Protector answerable only to change there then.

Ridiculous? Maybe, and perhaps the existing government would use the law sensibly, but what about successive governments? It would not be the first time that an existing law has been used for a purpose different to the one originally intended.

This country's legal system and democratic process was the model that all other countries aspired to, and many have never achieved it. How then did we become the most watched, and the most regulated country in Europe? Databases hold more information about our citizens than any other country, and they want more. ID cards with biometric data, DNA data of all new born children, chipped number plates, where will it end? They will want us to all be Bar coded next.

It has to stop, now! Terrorism is not the real enemy of democracy, our own government is. What can we do? We can all write to our MPs, go to our local MP's surgeries, and we can demonstrate. At least we can at the moment until that becomes outlawed as it already is within a certain distance from the home of Herr Blair.

Ian Moore
MAG National Chairman