Journal of the Motorcycle Action Group

Motorcycle Action Group, MAG
Issue 2 Jan-Feb 2006
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NEC Bike Show

MAG's Stand

The International Motorcycle Show at Birmingham's NEC exhibited its first 200mph street bike or so the rumours went, but that wasn't where it was really at...

I hope some of you visited the show and saw the stand at this years NEC. I hope the stand was to your approval and you liked our approach to the show visitors.

This year we decided that a new approach was needed at the NEC, by reducing the number off stand staff and the hard sell approach that has become the norm when selling raffle tickets and MBNA credit cards.

We also had on display a pair of motorcycles that represented the two ends of the custom market.

One motorcycle a built from the ground up award winning Harley, show winner from the Doncaster Pro Custom Show and featured at present in Discovery Channel's Great UK Biker Build Off, worth around £30,000.

The bike owner is Stez, whose column appeared in the first issue of The Road. The other bike, was a standard GSX 600 with around £15,000 worth of bolt on extras. Both motorcycles were big crowd pullers in there own right and this worked very well for us with potential members coming onto the stand to be approached by us.

We also had a back drop made for the stand with a picture of the AMA Euro bike. This in itself stopped people and drew them onto the stand.

We backed this up with the new leaflet titled, IS THIS THE FUTURE which we found people willing to accept and the fact we never found them littering the floor 30 feet away from the stand, means that people kept them.

I also saw people reading them in the cafe and bars at the show.

We have taken 219 memberships at this years show, this is still not enough by any means, but compared with last year where we took 146 members at the show, the movement is in the right direction.

We had a lot more time for interested people and a lot more interested people full stop, but we still found it difficult to turn the people around to become members, a fact we all found frustrating at times.

So to sum up I believe that the show for MAG and the stand staff has been a success in more ways than one.

Firstly we cut down the expenditure on the stand with a smaller stand and fewer staff residing in a caravan below central.

Secondly the memberships for 05 has risen by 50% from 04.

Thirdly we have not upset any one by harassing people for money with raffle tickets and credit card deals.

Fourthly we have informed a lot of people regarding riders rights, MAG and what we do, hopefully the results of which will show in a few weeks time in the membership figures. The people to thank for the outstanding effort given at the NEC this year are:

Trevor Baird, Neil Stevenson, Sara Gardener, Anji Sewell, Rod Littley, Jane Chisholm, Tony Cox, Shan Tedder, Ian Mutch, Jim Coxon.

A big vote of thanks to Trevor and Elaine for showing us hospitality in their home and the office staff for putting up with us in their work place.

Pete Walker