Issue 18 Sep-Oct 2008
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Issue 18 Contents


  1. Mutch's Diary
    The Road's editor
  2. Words from the Chair
    Chairman Jane provides an overview of MAG's progress
  3. Letters
    Your thoughts, opinions & adventures
  4. Overseas News
    Biking around the world
  5. MAGsport
    MAG Sport's Alex Gault on the up at British Super bikes


  1. A ride on the mild side
    John Butterworth heads to the Black Forest
  2. Farmyard Party time
    Yorkshire MAG's party with a purpose
  3. Commemorative Cafe racer
    Little Miss Dynamite unveiled
  4. Road or trail
    Ian Kerr tries Yamaha's WR 250R
  5. A European Harley
    XR1200 tested in Spain

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