Issue 17 Jul-Aug 2008
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Into The Valley

The rain stopped the sun shone the good times rolled...

Whilst I ambled around in the gathering dusk I heard a familiar voice amidst the tents "No that's not the 200 model it's the 100, the 200 had a double stitched seem, that's a single seam you fool."

It was indeed my old friend and the father of tent spotting, none other than Gary Edwards himself. He was giving instruction to one of his young acolytes in how to carry on this strange but harmless sport. I said nothing and just listened to the master as he pointed out some of the finer points of design. It really was a joy to watch such a master at work. He further explained some of the basic errors that had been made by whomever had erected various tents. Edwards may be an eccentric chap but he really does know his onions and his tents by golly.

On Saturday afternoon the bikes started to roll into the arena created by the bars and stalls. The standard of the bikes I saw was pretty amazing, especially given the muddy field. I had to be back around the fire for Ron's birthday party, he was 60 (and indeed still is). There was cake, bunting, dancing girls and balloons which kept popping in the heat of the fire.

This created one or two problems as Ron tried to take cover, convinced that a sniper was after him. He leapt to his feet with such a violent force that his kilt was left where it was. Naturally he tripped over it and his forward motion was only arrested by one of the Dave's. Actually he fell on one of them, just as Dave was about to get up. The resulting melee featured Dave with his legs skyward and Ron's half naked torso betwixt.

I am told that the standard of food improved and so did the prices. The bands were great and the bike show amazing. All of which I cannot report on personally as I seemed to be wandering around and missing things.

My mate Polo managed to wind his girlfriend (Munchkin) up to fever pitch. He told her he had run out of money and could not get her a drink. Then ten minutes later he produced a huge ring, which though a fake looked authentic in the dark. He said "What about that, reduced from £150 to £80" I can well imagine that his ears are still ringing.

What a great weekend. Well done to everyone that made it happen.



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