Issue 17 Jul-Aug 2008
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Issue 17 Contents


  1. Mutch's Diary
    The Road's editor
  2. Word from the Chair
    Chairman Jane provides an overview of MAG's progress
  3. Letters
    Your thoughts, opinions & adventures
  4. Overseas News
    Biking around the world
  5. MAGsport
    For the fast ones


  1. Something of the night
    Roland Brown rides Harley Davidson's Knightster
  2. Into The Valley
    The rain stopped the sun shone the good times rolled...
  3. Girl on a fast motorcycle
    Taru Rinne is the first woman to gain points in Grand Prix motorcycle racing
  4. London customs
    Earls Court custom show
  5. Scrapheap Challenge
    Blackpool MAG like a bit of scrap

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