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Issue 1 Nov-Dec 2005
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Honda helps hurricane victims

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, American Honda today announced a pledge of $5 million to the American Red Cross - Disaster Relief Fund. This contribution from the Honda family of companies, its associates, and dealers includes direct corporate contributions and special employee matching gift programs. Honda also is making available portable generators, water pumps, all terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, off-road motorcycles, and vehicles to agencies working in the affected areas.

ABATE of Louisiana Inc. is taking the lead in assisting the motorcycling community of Louisiana following the hurricane. They are asking for cash donations to assist motorcyclists who have been displaced or require other help. They will disburse donations on a case-by-case basis according to the greatest need . Donations to:- P.O. Box 541 St. Amant, LA 70774

Drugs fund

A methamphetamine arrest during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally yielded a motorcycle that could become profitable for the city of Whitewood, Police Chief Jerry Davidson said.

Davidson said the motorcycle is worth approximately $20,000. Under state law, the owner is given the option to purchase the bike back. In this case, he said, a man arrested for possession of 1.5 grams of methamphetamine declined to buy his 2004 Harley Davidson Softtail back. The bike was completely paid for and was being offered back for $9,000.

But since he did not buy the bike back, Davidson said the motorcycle will now go into a statewide auction, with part of the proceeds likely to go back to the city of Whitewood to purchase a new patrol vehicle.

"I'm pretty excited because if this works out the way it should we should get some of that drug money back," Davidson said. These two motorcycles are fully paid for, so this is a big deal for us."

Davidson said he has been trying to get new vehicles for the police department for a long time.

With the implementation motorcycle noise regulations, local officers are now being taught to identify exhaust systems that are illegal. It is expected that more violators will be arrested. Motorcycle riders with exhausts louder than 60 decibels which are considered illegal are to be arrested by the State Patrol and local officers.

The University of Florida has recently conducted an informal survey involving thirty-three (33) motorcycles. The study was conducted by the University's audiologists who discovered that nearly half of the motorcycle exhausts produced sounds above 100 decibels when throttled up. The equivalent of this sound is a rock concert or a jarring chainsaw. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, exposure to any noise measuring 85 decibels or more can cause permanent hearing loss. The motorcyclists can have their motorcycle exhausts checked by the local Police or the Sheriff's Department if they think their noise range is dubitable.
From Florida Press

Don't park closer than 25 feet behind an ambulance in the Region of Peel near Toronto, Canada. If you do an ambulance has the right to drive in reverse and, furthermore, if you stop closer than 25ft from the back of one, the driver is free to run you over. David Sullivan pulled up too close on his motorcycle and not only had it badly damaged but was cited with "following too close" and placed 100% at fault for the accident in which the ambulance driver claimed he had sustained whiplash injuries.

Bikers from MAG Netherlands made a new wire rope barrier 'motorcyclist friendly' by covering it with straw bales.

The protest was attended by hundreds of riders and was held in the province of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.This particular cable barrier was placed alongside a canal, because this barrier is easy to remove when large ships are launched from the shipyard on the other side of the canal. According to the authorities a 'normal' crash barrier would be washed away by the wave caused by the ships launch. The riders are highly sceptical of this excuse. The protest was supported by the Dutch foundation 'Mobility for the Handicapped'.