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Issue 1 Nov-Dec 2005
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Simon's Run

BMW back Sahara riders

Milward Memorial Motorcycle Ride To Africa Supports Healthcare Delivery Charities

MAG members Craig Carey-Clinch and Dave French are undertaking an ambitious charitable motorcycle ride to West Africa beginning in November. The ride, in memory of motorcycling humanitarian Simon Milward, aims to raise awareness of the charities Riders for Health (RfH) and Motorcycle Outreach (MoR).

Simon Milward died in Mali, West Africa in March 2005. He was on the final stages of a round the world motorcycle ride in support of projects using motorcycles for the delivery of primary healthcare services in remote areas of developing countries. Simon worked closely with Riders for Health and co-founded a project on the Indonesian island of Flores called Health for All. The project delivers primary healthcare to over 55,000 people.

The two riders will undertake the memorial run, which will visit the RfH centre in The Gambia, West Africa. Both are experienced long-distance motorcyclists who will be making their second motorcycle trip to Africa.

The run has already attracted strong support from sections of the motorcycle community and is supported by BMW, who have provided two motorcycles for the journey - the exceptional F650 GS Dakars for the journey, plus two Rallye2 suits.

In addition, Metal Mule, manufacturers of quality hard luggage systems for adventure motorcycling have kindly offered full sets of hard luggage for both motorcycles. The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) have also offered major sponsorship support, along with Intaride Communications and Scottoiler.

The riders say - 'This journey is a challenging proposition, but is not about stretching the boundaries of motorcycling, or human endurance. It is a journey which anyone of average fitness could do on a modern motorcycle after essential preparation for a long trip to sub-Saharan Africa.

The riders will seek to demystify long distance independent overlanding, with the aim of encouraging long distance touring motorcycling as an enjoyable and sometimes challenging alternative biking activity for the average motorcyclist.

The riders aim to leave soon after the International Motorcycle Show ends on November 6th and intend to return to London on or around the 20th December.

Stand space has been purchased at the NEC International Motorcycle Show to promote the ride and the Flores project.

The Riders

David French

Dave is well travelled by motorcycle in Europe, SE Asia, the United States and Japan. He has travelled in 52 countries, over half of these by motorcycle. He is from West Cork, Ireland and currently based in Poland. He is a long-serving member of the Federation of European Motorcyclists Association (FEMA) Committee through his life Presidency of the Irish Motorcyclists Action Group (MAGI), which he founded. He has also worked with the MCI in the UK on more than one occasion.

He is an internationalist who in addition to working with Simon Milward and Craig Carey-Clinch over many years has participated in a range of motorcycling legislative activities in different European countries and the US.

Craig Carey-Clinch

Craig has travelled extensively in Europe and the United States by motorcycle. He is well known in the motorcycle world through his work as public affairs director of the UK Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI). Over a long period in motorcycling, he has worked with industry and riders groups in a number of European countries and US States, has worked in motorcycle journalism and in other motorcycling sectors. He has been with the MCI since 1998 directing political lobbying and associated public relations.

For further information about Simon Milward and his Millennium Motorcycle